Best Practices to Buy and Sell a Knife through Buy Sell Trade Knives

Mark Johnson November 14, 2017 No Comments

Best Practices to Buy and Sell a Knife through Buy Sell Trade Knives

Buy Sell Trade Knives is a platform for knife and everyday carry enthusiasts to connect and trade, sell, and buy knives from each other. All our services are free, or are very low cost (for knife makers). To ensure our community of knife and everyday carry buyers and sellers dont get burned in the process, here are some general tips to make sure your knife buying and knife selling experience is great!

  • Talk details over the phone. If you both chat over the phone you can feel out how serious of a knife buyer or knife seller they are. Also, you can make sure they are real people and can agree not to screw each other over in the deal
  • Have a backup plan. Discuss with the other party what needs to happen in the case that either the knife buyer or knife seller is not satisfied with the exchange. This could include a full refund, a partial refund, or sending back the knife or everyday carry item to the seller to mention a few ideas.
  • Dont exchange straight cash for your knife purchase. There are a few platforms where you are able to exchange money, like Venmo or PayPal. Some of those services offer a certain level of “insurance” for knife buyers as well – You can request a refund if you’re not satisfied.

Both knife buyer and knife seller should work together to make sure each party is comfortable with the exchange. At Buy Sell Trade Knives we want to encourage the knife and everyday carry community to remember that we are all in this together and the more we can help each other out, by not buying, selling, or trading knives under shady circumstances. Do your part and be a responsible member of the community.

– The Founders